To see the power of God transform hearts and lives in our city and our world



To be people marked by devotion; devotion to God, his family, and his mission 

Devotion- “proskartereo”: To adhere to one; to be steadfastly attentive unto, to give unrelenting care to a thing; to persevere and not faint; to show oneself courageous for; to be in constant readiness for one; to wait on constantly.


We meet together for celebration, worship and Bible study weekly on Sundays at 10:15am. This gathering is located Four Winds Coffee & Tea (1235 Bookcliff Ave, GJ).

In this gathering we have a rhythm of fellowship, worship and teaching one Sunday and then fellowship and breakout groups on the next Sunday.  This rotates each week.  

We also often meet together in homes, coffee shops, and parks.  These are part of our family rhythms that we would love for you to be a part of! 

Out of our larger gatherings we encourage smaller groups to form called Discipleship groups. These groups are centered around digging deeper into God's Word as each member discovers scripture together, encourages one another, and challenges each other to live it out in every area of our lives - continually pointing others to the hope and power of Jesus! 

Although our expression of church may be a little different than some, we value these functions of the church which are found in God's Word: 
1. Biblical Teaching
2. Fellowship (experienced in an authentic and deep way)
3. Worship of our God through various expressions
4. Prayer 
5. Serving those in need
6. Identifying with the Community
7. Witness of God's love and plan