Gospel, Community, Mission = These are 3 words that summarize who we strive to be as a church.  

We are Gospel-centered which leads us to live "intentional" lives of love and service while pointing others to Jesus (the Way, the Truth, and the Life). God sent Jesus to rescue us from our state of brokeness and sin and transform us. We are then empowered by the Holy Spirit to live and love as Jesus to others who are in need of this same transforming love.  We are also Community-driven, meaning we value deep biblical community that impacts the greater community around us.  While building community (i.e. living life together), we also know that we need to be on Mission together - sharing the joy of Christ with our local community and realizing we are also connected to a global mission.  

We feel the best way to express Gospel, Community, & Mission is to do this through what we call "Missional Communities". A missional community is a family of servant missionaries sent as disciples who make disciples—children of God who love one another like family. These Missional Communities usually meet in a home or somewhere that fits the group's context. So we gather as a Missional Community and expect to multiply our Missional Communities as God brings more into the family.

Out of our Missional Communities we encourage smaller groups to form called DNA groups. These groups are centered around digging deeper into God's Word as each member "Discovers" scripture together, "Nurtures" one another, and provides "Accountability" to each other.

We also meet together for a larger, more public celebration twice a month on the 1st & 3rd Sundays at 10am. This gathering is located Four Winds Coffee & Tea (1235 Bookcliff Ave, GJ).  We also meet on our 5th Sundays (we call them Shalom Sundays), but this meeting location will often change because we will serve together in the community or worship somewhere different in the community.  

Although our expression of church may be a little different, we value these functions of the church which are found in God's Word: 
1. Biblical Teaching
2. Fellowship (experienced in an authentic and deep way)
3. Worship of our God through various expressions
4. Prayer 
5. Serving those in need
6. Identifying with the Community
7. Witness of God's love and plan

Currently, our Missional Communities have chosen to come together on our 2nd and 4th Sundays to go through a study together and seek the Lord for our next steps as a church.  We look forward to what the Lord is wanting to teach us and then send us out to "be" the church in our community! We are meeting at Four Winds Coffee & Tea at 10am.  We meet all together and then break into small groups.