When We Gather

We Gather in Different Ways:


LifeGroups are really like a big spiritual extended family.  These groups often share a meal and have "coffee and conversation" or someone shares their story.  We also serve the community together either in the same timeframe or another planned time.  

Discipleship Groups

These are groups where you get a chance to grow deeper in the understanding of God's Word together and challenge each other to live by His Spirit in an everyday fashion.  We encourage you to get to know us and ask about these awesome groups! 

Sunday Morning Worship & Celebration Gathering

This is a time where we all come together to worship in song, art, reading, prayer and teaching of scripture.  It's a welcoming environment (like an oversized living room) where you get a chance to worship and connect with others.  We also have a class for the younger kids, so they can join in with our music and then head to a class to learn more about the good news of Jesus!  We meet every Sunday, 10:15am, at Four Winds Coffee & Tea (1235 Bookcliff Ave).

Just Living Life Together

We always encourage our church family to "do stuff" together! Enjoy the outdoors, visit a neighbor, go to the park, eat out, eat in, go to a sporting event, go to a festival, help someone in need, share the joy of Christ! Do all of this, but do it together when you can! And always be ready to invite others along that need this community! This may be more like scattering, but you know what we mean!